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Project Overview

Project Overview

A playground for new brand
experiences beyond just a shopping
site and storytelling.

A unique experience.

CNFT Genie is the best marketplace for the creation, buying and selling of digital art. You can create a collection, add your own artworks, list items for sale. CNFT Genie is one of the best marketplaces for anyone that is looking to dip their toe into the digital realm.

Nexovia Digital was able to help CNFT Genie with the development and designing of their website. Our talented designers and developers we able to design their website as per their requirements, helping them create the platform they wanted for the buying and selling of NFTs.


Branding Summary

With CNFT Genie, you are able to make money directly from your work. The marketplace brings together original creators with customers, allowing them to eliminate the middle men. This allows artists to interact and transact directly with their clients.

website design


Website Design


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